A snuggie is a blanket with sleeves usually made of Fleece or Nylon material. It looks like Bathrobe that is supposed to be worn backwards. It was first introduced in the year 2008 to keep the people warm and feel a bit Cozy ad it was a successful introduction as people really liked the material.

Snuggie History

Back in 2008 snuggies were first introduced and it was a success it was also humorously referred to as a pop-cultural phenomenon. it gained popularity a lot but it was not the first blanket with sleeves. The first blanket with sleeves first came back in 1998 named Slanket invented by Gary Clegg.

Two Person Snuggie: Something You Would Want To Have

In an interview, Clegg said that snuggie is a cheap knock off of the Slanket and undermines the integrity of his product. But on the other hand, the inventor of snuggies didn’t predict that the snuggies will be so widely popular and used by many people around especially USA. Boilen is the creator of the product Snuggie suggested that the goal was not to prompt sales but to create general awareness as to what people should do to make living better.

The Two-Person Snuggie

The market has witnessed many changes over decades but after the introduction of a snuggie, there came a time when there are not one, two but 3 sleeve snuggies available in the market.

Two Person Snuggie: Something You Would Want To Have

there are many uses of snuggies as watching movies in the bed, sleeping on the lawn to watch stars, reading books wearing snuggies in the cold weather has been used by many people as their hobby. there is a variety of options to customize the snuggies as well as to make a different logos or take different designs of the snuggies and take different colourful snuggies and enjoy with friends in the cold weather.

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