Schlitterbahn accidents: Who doesn’t want to go for a thrilling, crazy rides right? Well, this one ride caused many wreaks and shook the world. The slide was world’s tallest water slide. It was meant to catch the speed around 70mph. So how did such am ambitious failed the adventure seekers?

Schlitterbahn – About and History

The slide was located in Schlitterbahn Kansas City water park. This park is situated in Kansas City, Kansas, United States. The makers named the slide Verrückt. It means “Crazy” in German. Being a crazy and insane ride definitely suits the ride. Because this ride was whooping 51.38 m long. It was inaugurated on July 10, 2014. John Schooley and Jeff Henry came together intended to build the tallest and fastest ride!

Schlitterbahn Death Photos That Shook The World

But there were many problems before the ride opened too. Well the idea for this ride was impromptu. They had many issues regarding sandbags and rafts. When rafts reached the ride’s large bottom hump it went airborne. After being constructed it broke many records before it even launched. But the release date were pushed further due to construction issues and testing. It was also leaked that only one time it ran half-successfully. That was by Xtreme Waterparks crew. But the raft got stuck many times and the sandbags still went airborne. This was already a big red flag!

The accident which changed the fate of the ride

There was a breaking news in Kansas city regarding the death of son of Kansas state legislator Scott Schwab died on the ride in 2016. Caleb Thomas Schwab was a gruesome victim of this ride. It was a “fatal neck injury at the end of the ride.” There were two women riding with him also. They suffered many injuries as well.

Schlitterbahn Death Photos That Shook The World

This death revealed more severe news. And it was later revealed that at least thirteen more people had suffered non-fatal injuries. Their main injuries were from hitting the netting above the slide. But the makers ignored all these incidents. They went with keeping the rides open. And they justified saying adventures come with such injuries. But the decapitation of a 10 yr old boy crossed all lines. And the ride was shut down after it refused to follow guidelines ensued.

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