Marie Lynne Leroux – Probably one of the most emphatic baby of the world still melts our hearts! And she still remains the same. Babies are super true to their emotions. If something annoys them then they wont fear expressing it directly. And if something touches her heart, they can light up the world. Let’s see how this baby brought many to tears.

In case you didn’t see or maybe just want to see the video, here you go!!

Marie Lynne Leroux – First Appearance

Mary Lynne Leroux is just was just a 10 month old baby. And she took over the net. But she also warmed and melted everyone’s heart with just one video. It got viral all over internal. And it reached every corner of the world. It brought 41 million people to tears. Mary lives with her family lives in Ontario, Canada. The video was posted on her mothers channel. The channel is named after her mother and called as Alain Leroux.

Click here to visit her channel. She has posted many more heart melting moments. The channel is filled with pure emotions and captures a baby’s life there.

Marie Lynne Leroux - Mama's Emotional Baby

You can see the glitters in her eyes even while her mom was just talking! Her mom tells her kindly that she will be singing a song. She twitches and looks at her as if she understands everything that was just said! Her mom sings Rod Stewart’s “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” . But let’s wait for few moments and appreciate her mom’s melodious singing as well. It feels as if it would melt us too. The baby then shows the purest emotion of cry and it just intensifies till the end. No one likes to see someone car. But we can’t help but wonder how did a 10 month old baby cried so intensely as if she understood the song.

Mary Appears again after a year

Well, her parents had a say over the video. They said that it wasn’t the first time. Mary enjoyed listening to songs. And she was quite connected to many songs and reacted with purity. But she also said that “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” is her favorite song. She used to often get emotional listening to it.

"My Heart Can't Tell You No"

Her father then shows now grown up Marie Lynne Leroux her video. Well, certainly things change. She didn’t cry or laugh much over the video. But you can feel it through the screen how amazed she is. She definitely remembers how the song used to make her feel!

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