Schlitterbahn is voted to be the best water park in the world for many years and is owned by Cedar Fair. The waterpark was previously owned by the Henry family in texas which was its first location opened in 1979. The outdoor parks and indoor parks have different time openings indoor is opened all year long and outdoor open from April to September.

That Nightmarish Verruckt Water Slide

In 2016 an incident happened that chilled the spine of many when a 10-year-old boy was killed in a water park accident while riding in a ride. Caleb Thomas Schwab was tragically Dicapitated while he was on the 168ft high ride which was Verruckt meaning insane in german. the ride has 264 stairs to the top meaning taller than the statue of liberty.

Anyones Nightmare: Verruckt Water Slide Death Photoes

The visuals were very disturbing as the people who witnessed it said it will be there for the rest of their lives as it is so horrifying. The Police reported that the death happened due to a severe neck injury. The two women sitting behind the boy also had severe facial injuries.

About The Ride In Schlitterbahn

The ride that the boy was had is the tallest ride in the Guinness book of world records and it is the holder of it for quite some time now. But to a bit of relief, that ride will be demolished now. The people who have ridden it had revealed that the safety was already not top-notch as at such heights the nylon shoulder straps used to come off during rides.

Anyones Nightmare: Verruckt Water Slide Death Photoes

Safety consultants said that a more solid restraint system needed to be fitted in the body for a better ride should have been applied similar to that of roller coaster. The parks operations manager is now facing charges of involuntary manslaughter.

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