The Corsair wired gaming headset HS80 RGB Wireless is one of our favorite gaming headsets at but it’s quite expensive.

Corsair wired gaming headset: About

Corsair has announced a trio of new wired gaming headsets: The HS65 Surround, HS55 Stereo, and HS80 RGB USB. Each price is under 100 dollar and it gives many of the features and design clues that made us love the HS80 RGB Wireless.

The Corsair wired gaming headset

The three headsets are comprehended by price, but also features such as engulf sound support, high adhesion audio, microphone development, or RGB designs.

Corsair wired gaming headset: Design

The new Corsair headsets all have unique designs for their price rate. They are all interlaced headsets and made specifically of plastic, but they are all bulky enough to feel like they will last for a long time.
Coupled with two-year warranties, Corsair also puts some parts and handling support behind the products.

It seems to be taking clues from its previous models, including the HS50 and HS60. Those models were appraisal for their easy to lose parts, such as their retractable microphones, but the new headsets all have deep-seated mics, which can only be crumpled up.

The HS80 RGB USB is the most prime of the models with an RGB logo to shows its design. The headset comes in an all-black, matte texture, with an engrossing adjustable velcro inner headband and a artificial leather cushion. They are marginally challenging to disassemble and adjust in comparison with a more standard method of adjustment.

Corsair wired gaming headset: Features

Each of the different headsets includes some different software features. In peculiar, the SoundID feature is highlighted on the HS65 Surround model, and the RGB lighting effects on the HS80 RGB USB model.

The HS65 Surround SoundID is generally an audio test that allows users to create their ideal sound experience, using different audio styles as a base tune.

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