Prince Andrew, The Duke of York is the third child and the second son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. But are they his real parents? Controversy says that the real father of Prince Andrew could be Lord Porchester. Both look Andrew and ‘Porchie’ look very similar, hence the controversy. What is the real truth?

Prince Andrew, The Duke of York.

Born in a Belgian suite at the Buckingham Palace, Prince Andrew was born on 19 February 1960. He was sent to Heatherdown School near Ascot in Berkshire. The Duke of York then served in the Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot and instructor and as the captain of a warship. He was with the navy from 1979 to 2001. Being from the royal family, Andrew has been part of many controversies and has attracted a lot of media attention. His divorce with Duchess Sarah Ferguson and being accused of a sexual offence gained a lot of media coverage. But there’s another controversy that floats around, that of he being the son of Lord Porchester.

Lord Porchester and Queen Elizabeth.

Lord Porchester and Queen Elizabeth were really good friends. Rumours have it that they were having an affair but there’s no evidence to support that. Prince Phillip was always resentful of the friendship they shared and the rumours obviously bothered him. The good friends they were, they always went on trips together. Them being together always gained attention from the media.

Similarity between ‘Porchie’ and Andrew.

The rumours also say that Prince Andrew is actually the son of Lord Porchester. The fact that they both look very similar adds more gas to the flame. They do look very similar, but there’s no evidence of Andrew being Lord Porchester’s son. The royal family has always ignored these rumours and never payed any attention to them.


The Duke of York is not the son of Lord Porchester. The fact that they both look similar is just a huge coincidence. It seems that Lord Porchester was just a source of tension and controversy in the queens marriage. They were really good friends, and that’s all there’s to know.

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