Prisoner Stage 3 is on top of the large mountain directly north of Paradise Palms, so heading over there with Prisoner Stage 2 style equipped of fortnite. We should be able to spot the campfire when you land, so just run over there and activate it and then just stick around to complete the next stage of this process.

Fortnite stage 3

As you know, the Prisoner is reward skin for completing 60 Weekly Challenges throughout Season 7. You can see your progress as part of the Snowfall secret Battle Star locations screen.

How to unlock this stage?

Prisoner stage 3

On the week 10 loading screen – which you can unlock this by completing all final weekly challenges for season 7 – here, we can see our hero with his back to us in front of a campfire.

Well, if you re-enact for the week 10 loading screen by lighting a fire with the outfit equipped,then this will cause flames to flicker up his arms, which is how to unlock Prisoner stage 3 in Fortnite.So, you will need to be the one the light the flame. If someone else has already done it, you’ll have to back out and get their first another time for it to work.

Fortnite stage 3

Foraged Campfires could be found all over the map, but we’ll show you the Fortnite campfire location from the loading screen overlooks like the desert biome race track.

You have some more stages like :

  • Prisoner Stage 2
  • Prisoner Stage 4

So this is how you can unlock this stage and many stages in the fortnite !


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