My Summer Car is an open international vehicle mechanic – survival recreation advanced through Finnish developer Johannes Rojola (aka TopLessGun or RoyalJohnLove) of Amistech Games. It became launched on Steam’s Early Access application on October 24, 2016,

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My Summer Car is ready withinside the fictional place of Peräjärvi, Finland, at some stage in the summer time season of 1995. The fundamental man or woman is an 18-year-antique who has the own circle of relatives domestic to himself at the same time as his mother and father are on excursion in Tenerife.The map of this is from 1989 so it is at the least six years antique summer car

The participant tries to gather, restore, and improve a vehicle, the Satsuma AMP (modeled after the Datsun 100A). In order to do this, the participant need to use the automobile elements which can be in the garage, in addition to on occasion order new elements from a catalog.

The participant isn’t given any course through the sport as to the way to construct the automobile in summer car.


my summer car

The map (: Kartta) determined withinside the participant’s domestic above the telephone desk. It  indicates the place surrounding lake Peräjärvi withinside the (fictional) municipality of Alivieska, Finland. The map covers a place of approximately 4.2 × three.three kilometers. The map is from 1989 so it is at the least six years antique in-recreation. National course 70, encircling the lake, is the principle avenue of Peräjärvi.

Map markings

my summer car

So, crimson ones are commercial/public homes and Black figures are houses . Yellow regions are farm fields and brownish place to the east of the lake is marsh.

So, Light grey regions are strong rock surfacesand Gray regions are gravel pits . The black and white line withinside the southeast nook of the map is a railway in summer time season vehicle.

And for numerous recreation facts live linked with TheNostalgistFilm .

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