Kingdom Hearts IV has produced plenty of sequels, sealing its status as one of gaming’s most abiding RPG franchises. It was anticipated that the story’s future would revolve around the Master of Master’s plans.

Kingdom Hearts IV: Plot

Sora altercates a huge Heartless in Quadratum, a new planet that assist as a type of Afterlife for Sora. Though, the trailer discloses gist of the outback before that. Both Donald and Goofy are far away from Sora, the devs have delibated to provide some capabilities to Sora that will certainly give him approach to not known planets, which is trusted to be Star Wars’ Endor.
Maybe the all-embracing Kingdom Hearts 4 story will go on a different path, however, both the place and an AT-ST foot in the trailer have left a lot of things for the audience to contemplate till the time the game is actually released.

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Kingdom Hearts IV: Release Date

The makers have still not announced the release date. The game is still under development so it is obviously not coming anytime until 2023. According to Square Enix, the Kingdom Hearts 4 is the starting of a new “Lost Master Arc” for the series and following Sora’s entry in the Quadratum.

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Kingdom Hearts IV: Gameplay

The gameplay is still not disclosed yet.
Sora can be seen speeding up to the huge heartless, racing over buildings, and doing other frilly footwork in a small look of gameplay. The Kingdom Hearts 4 gameplay trailer shows him chasing away an attack with his signature Keyblade while also doing huge, nearly pattern-like movements.
After the Kingdom Hearts 4 title is announced, Donald and Goofy appears, and it seems that they are looking for help from someone.

Kingdom Hearts IV: Platform

The recent Disney-themed RPG was released without citing any platforms, though, it is anticipated that the devs will release the game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S | X, and PC.

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Following the highly despised Kingdom Hearts Switch Cloud port, it will be alluring to see if the recent title will be released on the Nintendo Switch as an endemic version.

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