Harem Hotel is a dating simulation game where adults can date and also where players control the player character, a man who’s grandfather recently died. In this, His grandfather was owner of an all-girl hotel. And  His grandfather was secretly also working on an Android made as a pleasure bot. After working on her for years on end though, in this, he came to see her as his daughter and never used her for that purpose, and then treating her as his child.

Harem Hotel - 2
Harem hotel Cheat Codes

For getting the money of your need , some codes are:

  •  makeitstorm  = It gives you $999,999
  •  makeitrain  = It gives you $1,000

Note: You can of course use them more than once . You can also check their harem hotel wiki community.


Harem Hotel – Stats ( Cheat Codes)

Max the stats of the character of your choice, or max all the character’s stats

  • jumptoend_ash = Maxes out Ashley’s stats (New!)
  • jumptoend = Maxes out every character’s stats up to the last update, gives you all the money, and more. (New!)
  • jumptoend_maria = Maxes out Maria’s stats (New!)
  • jumptoend_bot = Maxes out Android’s stats (New!)
  • jumptoend_lin = Maxes out Lin’s stats (New!)
  • jumptoend_F&E = Maxes out Felicity & Emma’s stats (New!)
  • jumptoend_kali = Maxes out Kali’s stats (New!)
  • jumptoend_autumn = Maxes out Autumn’s stats (New!)

Harem motel

What’s new

In Harem Hotel new version,

  • In new version, they added a total of 56 scenes
  • Attaching the Garden location to the hotel with an intro scene
  • Now added the Seating Area upgrade to the Garden with an intro scene
  • You may now request fun at Ellen’s desk
  • Bug Fixed

And for various game cheat codes Stay connected with TheNostalgistFilm .

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