Fallout 4 -Best Female Companions ranked! Let’s read about all the female companions in this game who will fight and stay alongside you. The game has a total of 17 companions. And they have many qualities, perks, and gifts or abilities as well!

Fallout 4 -Best Female Companions Ranked

Fallout 4 is a action role-playing game of 2015. Bethesda Game Studios develops the game series! They launched this game worldwide on November 10, 2015. You can play on this Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Companions play an important role in the game. They can interact with the environment on the main’s behalf. They can pick locks or hack. And just like in real world, they can develop affection. But the affinity levels differ and affects the interactions.

1 – Curie

Curie is a French, science loving robot who was trapped in a Vault. She was stuck there for hundreds of years before you came along and let her out. You will find her in Vault 81. And you need to complete the quest Hole in the Wall. Curie also has little experience with the post-nuclear world. So she wants to gather as much data about this world in the name of science.

She doesn’t have much power when as a robot. But she can hand out Stimpaks as a robot. When you when you transfer her into to a Synth, she gains power. And this transformation brings out the best from this character! Her personal quest is benign intervention

As a Mr. Handy, she will use a flamethrower on her enemies. And she has a Affinity Perk Combat Medic too! She grants you 100 HP once every 24 hours if you drop under 10% of your HP. So yes, there are quite a lot of perks other than seeing her explore the world like a child in such moment.


2 – Fallout 4 – Cait

Cait has one of the toughest personalities! She is very smart, has good comebacks, doesn’t let anyone talk over her, hard hitting, chem consuming arena fighter. Cait is a total Irish badass! She is probably the partner in crime you wish for. She likes stealing, trespassing, and slamming. But all of this with a marshmallow feelings. She won’t let you or anyone else treat her badly!

But there’s a side to her which makes the experience more real. You go through helping her with her issues, getting her clean, and transform her completely. She can use shotgun too. Being a raider gives her an upper hand too. You can find her in Combat Zone. Her personal quest Benign Intervention, perks are Trigger Rush, and lockpicking.

3 – Piper

She can be easily considered as the one of the best female companion. Piper is a journalist in her own paper called Publick Occurrences. And she works from Diamond City. She is scrappy, funny, and cannot be easily killed. Piper is funny and witty with her sarcasms. She uses pistol. And has an Affinity perk of Gift of Gab. But while maintaining her affinity, she is good in combat. But she also dislikes authority. A complete package for being best buddy

4 – ADA

ADA is a sweet and a killing tank. She is an Assaultron living in the Commonwealth. And an DLC companion that’s confined to the Commonwealth. You can find her near Near Wattz Consumer Electronics. And remember the Red Rocket truck stop.

She doesn’t have a romantic side. But she does have a sad history. She can steal owned items and may upgrade to Hack. And she can Lockpick. But she doesn’t help much outside of the DLC.

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