Agony Uncensored Patch – What exactly happened? Why was it cancelled? And how the game managed to capture eyes any way!

About Agony and censor issues

Agony is a 2018 survival game. And it revolves around the concept of dark fantasy horror. Madmind Studio published the game. And PlayWay handled the publishing. The gameplay goes that the  players play in the first perspective. They are a tormented soul who is in hell. But there’s no way out. And you have no memory of your past. Well basically you need to escape the hell from the….hell? And you meet a huge amount on monsters and what not.

Agony Uncensored Patch - What happened

Censor Issue:

Well from the gameplay above you realize that the game is violent with scary graphics. Yes which many want but maybe not so many. It has graphic terrifying themes. And many game enthusiasts didn’t agree with many of them. To make matters worse, the game got an Adult Only rating. Now the game couldn’t reach more to people.

The makers decided to modify. They edited the scenes without compromising the storyline. Many scenes were cut to change the rating. This got the game a commercial certificate and reach more people.

Agony Uncensored Patch Cancelled

Well one can’t leave their roots right? Agony games planned to release the uncensored patch for the PC version. And they wanted to release the game for two endings of the total seven endings. But here again the ratings stopped them. They had to face many issues including legal issues. This stopped them from adding an Adult Only patch.

Agony Uncensored Patch - What happened

Well the game doesn’t real loose it’s essence. There is lot of bloodshed. Lots of harmed and decapitated bodies bodies. You fight a lot and use your mind for confusing mazes. The game is indeed hellish. There are bodies everywhere and spooky textures of walls. Everything to become a nightmare.

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