Tokyo revengers chapter 247 is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. Takemichi Hanagaki, who lives in an apartment, is treated like an idiot in his office. While watching a news, he learns that his girlfriend, way back from middle school, Hinata Tachibana, has been killed by a villainous group called as the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247: Release Date

The official release date of Tokyo revengers Chapter 247 is on Wednesday, 23rd March, 2022.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247: Where to Watch

All fans are waiting to watch this chapter but sadly there is no official channel to watch it online. However, fans can buy and get a sneak-peek of the latest chapters of it and more officially on Kodansha Comics.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246: Recap

In this episode, Takemitchi is fighting against Tokyo Manji Gang. We also get to see a newly formed gang of Takemitchi who rushes forward for the fight. Having said that, Takemitchi has already knocked out Kakucho, who is lying unconscious on the ground.


Meanwhile, Mikey supports him to rise and tells him that Izana didn’t die for him so that he can give up so easily. Eventually, Takemitchi and Kakucho goes for a duel fight. This episodes ends in a cliffhanger which keeps the fans excited for the next episode.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247: Spoilers Alert!!!

The episode is titled “Hey Dude”. This episode follows the duel of Takemitchi and Kakucho. Meanwhile, Mochi picks up Chifuyu from the ground and challenges him for a fight. Whereas, Mitsuya dominates several members of the enemy party.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247: Check Out All The Latest Details

Subsequently, he starts moving towards Mikey, but first, he must go through the Haitani brothers. So, at the end, Hakkai arrives at the spot to help Mitsuya against the Haitani brothers.

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