Marissa Cloutier, renowned as “The Digital Princess” or “Pokeprincxss,” is a social media insect. She has her ‘digitalprincxss’ princess handles on Instagram, YouTube, Tik-Tok, Twitter, etc.

Childhood Things :

Right from her childhood she was fond of collecting and playing everything about Pokemon, Digital Princess then decided to turn her hobby into something beneficial. She called herself an influencer. She started her YouTube channel in 2011, posting videos about her room tour, tattoos, tik-tok videos, video games, etc.

The Pokemon Princess :

After posting out the content for long 10 to 11 years she finally gained millions of followers. She later launched her own merchandise too!

‘Digitalprincxss’ Arrested Or What :

Cloutier being such an egomaniac left her 5-year old child behind and shifted to new territories. On August 2021, in Lee country, Florida she was arrested. Her neighbors found her son alone crying in the lawns of the house and allegedly reported to the police. Immediately the cops arrived and handcuffed her. She explained the police for she was out to get some detergent thing from the market. She got her son in the bed at around 10 in the morning and then left for the market.

The Pokemon Princess :

Some Facts Out There :

  • Marissa lives in Florida, United States with her son, ‘Ónix’. She loves him and also stated the name comes from a pokemon character.
  • She has been a pokemon fan since she was 3, and has numerous creative tattoos on her body.
  • Marissa once got sued by Nintendo Company because previously she used the stage name ‘Pokeprincxss’ on her social media and merchandise, which the company suspected it’s come from Pokemon.

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