Blue Lock Chapter 167 is a Japanese Manga series written by  Muneyuki Kaneshiro. The manga is ready to be adapted into anime series in this fall. The anime follows a team of Japanese football players who performed poorly in their 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Football union decides to hire soccer enigma Ego Jinpachi. The journey to lead Japan to stardom is Blue Lock.

Blue Lock Chapter 167: Release Date

It is officially scheduled to release on Wednesday, 23rd March ,2022.

Blue Lock Chapter 167: Where to Watch It

The fans can read the upcoming Weekly Shonen Magazine issue for the preview of the manga. The manga is also available on the Official Site of Kodansha US.

Blue Lock Chapter 167: Chapter 166 Recap

This episode follows  Kunigami who has been replaced in place of Noel Noa. Both of them share a adversarial conversation. Since Kunigami was determined to get through the wildcard programme to finish as number one.


whereas Isagi has certain restrictions to resume the game. However, the game starts off with high anticipated duel between Bachira and Isagi which keeps the fans reading thrilled.

Blue Lock Chapter 167: Spoilers Alert!!!

The episode titled ” Cross Flow” with then tension grown between Isagi’s German teammate and Eita Otoya. Then the ball passes on to Kaiser’s second in command, Ness who grabs the ball in midair. Then the actual fun starts. The balls is stolen by Isagi but he has to overcome Bachira to move forward.


After getting through,  Isagi sees that Kaiser has a shot lined up and is in passing range. However, Kunigami makes a goal by with an ultimate left legged kick into the net.

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