Amanda Cerny is an American resident and a model, actress and a social butterfly. She was born on June 26, 1991 in Pittsburgh. She is famous for her YouTube channel and her recent profile content on Vine which has almost 4 million followers.

Amanda Cerny Boyfriend :

Amanda Cerny Boyfriend :

Firstly, she was crowned as Playmate Of The Month for the Playboy Magazine in October 2011. Apparently, at the age of 15 she started working as a model. Modelling was her passion from her birth.

Moreover, Amanda is happily in love with her boyfriend Johannes Bartl. Recently, in 2017 these guys have started dating. However, they flaunt their love on the social media handles with numerous posts. He is an Austrian fitness coach. He possesses a 2 million family on Instagram.

Amanda Cerny Boyfriend :
Amanda Cerny Boyfriend :

They like spending their quality time with each other.  So, they celebrated Johannes B’day in Hawaii. Coincidently, these couple shared same apartment. They haven’t married yet and are just in a live-in relationship.

Most importantly, both of them share great amount of enthusiasm on their profiles. Amanda and Johannes like posting content and videos on their social media handles.

In conclusion, the relationship begin by their collaboration in vivid YouTube videos. These two are “Just Couple Goals .”

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