The 2 person blanket called Snuggie is a revolutionary blanket. Two people can use this blanket at the same time. Comfortable and wholesome, here’s more about the couples favourite ‘Snuggie’ in this article.

What Is A 2 Person Snuggie?

A snuggie (also known as Slanket) is a sleeved blanket which fits your whole body. The feeling of something warm and soft hugging your whole body makes the snuggie quite wholesome. These blankets are usually made of nylon or fleece, hence the comfort. The snuggie is designed to keep your entire body covered and cozy and you can still retain the use of your hands. Simplistic and practical.

2 person Snuggie; Know more about the snuggle blanket!

All About It’s Invention

The snuggie was invented by Gary Clegg. According to an American Express article, 17 year-old Clegg was sitting under a blanket in his dorm room on a cold December night. He wanted to change the channel to Late Night with Conan O’Brien. But he had to take his hand out from under his warm blanket and point the remote at the screen to do so. Annoyed by this, he cut a hole in the blanket and stuck his arm through. Within a few hours he came up with the idea to add sleeves to his blanket and a few weeks later went home and commissioned the first Slanket to be made by his mother.

Who Usually Buys The 2 Person Snuggie?

2 person Snuggie; Know more about the snuggle blanket!

Couples! Married, engaged, dating or just hanging out, the snuggie is a huge couples favourite. The warmth that this blanket offers makes things very cozy quite often. Hence, its usually the comfortable go-to blanket for movie date nights. The sleeves and proper fitting keeps you in blanket always. Because of the design, there are less chances of you fighting with you significant other about hogging the blanket. Therefore the snuggie is marketed as a “comfy blanket” for couples.

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