The Losers 2 is a comic book TV series. It is written by Andy Diggle and created by Jock. The series is published by the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. It dash for 32 issues from August 2003 to March 2006. It is techno thriller series.

The Losers 2: Highlights

This was set in opposition to occurrences neighbouring and counting the battle on Terror. At first, a unique forces team united with the Central Intelligence Agency. During 1990, the Losers were duped by their assistant, Max, and left for dead after the end of their function.

the losers

Anxious for retaliation and the chance to seperate their names from a confidential CIA demise list, the Losers assembled and run secret operations opposition to the CIA and its engrossments, revealing surprising operations handled by the mysterious Max, whose effect inside the CIA and U.S. government is exceptional.

The Losers 2: Release Date

There is no official announcement of the release date of this series. According to reports, there is very less chance of a sequel to this series. The season 1 of this series was released 11 years back, therefore there are less chances of a sequel.

The Losers 2: Spoilers

The team attempts to get a clear shot target on the drug leader for the air attack to be accomplished on his base of operation. Though, they identified a group of children who are kept there as labourers. So, the team first tries to save those children and then finally kills the drug gang. But things take a very treacherous turn when they are duped by one of their team member on that mission. This compels them to go underground, so that they can plan and take reprisal and kill him.

season 2

The Losers 2 Watch Online

The series based on the Vertigo Comic series from DC is available to watch on Netflix and Amazon prime video. The people who have a subscription to the streaming platform can watch it.


The Losers 2: Major characters

  • Lt. Col. Franklin Clay
  • Cpt. William Roque
  • Cpt. Jake Jensen
  • Sgt. Carlos ‘Cougar’ Alvarez
  • Sgt. Linwood ‘Pooch’ Porteous
  • Aisha al-Fadhil

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