Microsoft’s new Outlook email client for Windows, the “One Outlook” project the organization has been working on for some time, seems to be almost ready for release time. Some users have been able to download the new app, as first viewed by Windows Central, though it appears to only function for work and educational accounts right now.

Microsoft’s new Outlook: About

We’ve heard that the future of Microsoft’s mail clients would look a lot like the Outlook web app, and absolutely, the new app seems to be just like that. It’s much rafter and simpler than earlier versions of Outlook for Windows and much more potent than the deep-seated Mail app it is also due to gradually replace.

The app is totally hosted online, too, as Microsoft continues to move its services to the web rather than run them purely as natural apps.

Microsoft’s new Outlook

Now, it appears Microsoft will announce the new app officially at its Build developer conference at the end of this month and move to replace Mail, Calendar, and eventually other versions of Outlook after that.

Microsoft’s new Outlook: Details

The Verge tried to get a announcement from Microsoft about its agreement to make Outlook web-based, but the company didn’t replied to any hearing. However, Scott Stiles, the vice president of product management for Outlook, said that the present version available for download is an early baseless test version of Outlook for Windows. As such, it still lacks features and improvements that are only available to its beta testers.

Microsoft’s new Outlook: Release date

Microsoft has still not announced a actual date for the new client’s release, but it’s highly likely that it would happen, or at least be introduced during Build, Microsoft’s developer event this coming May 24.

Though, don’t anticipate Outlook’s name to change. According to ZDNet’s report, the company will go back to the “One Outlook” name to simply “outlook” once the client is released.

In addition to the name degeneration, the personal version of the new client appears to be expected for release along with the client’s official release.

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