Hogwarts is a Magical place. They have elves, witches, spells and so much more which is very bizarre for the real world. They also have another thing called the Animagus potion which lets you transform into an animal at will. Learn more Animagi and the Animagus potion in this article.

What is Animagus?

An Animagus (Animagi-plural) is a witch or wizard that can transform itself into an animal at will. The animal they transform into is pretty much similar to the person’s personality. In Hogwarts during the third year, Animagi was thought to the students. There’s an Animagus registry at Hogwarts to keep track of everyone who can transform at will.

Animagus potion; All you need to know.

What is an Animagus Potion?

The Animagus potion is a potion that makes you an Animagus. The potion is a key step to becoming an Animagus. Making the potion is very difficult and time-consuming to brew correctly. Things can go very wrong if not brewed correctly. The potion could not be bought from someone else. The colour of the potion is completely blood red.

Animagus potion; All you need to know.


Preparing the magical potion is very complex. There are a lot of steps that need to be followed correctly. To prepare the brew, a mandrake leaf should be stored in the readers mouth. This leaf will be there for an entire month. Get to a place previously untouched by sunlight or humans for at least seven days and get dew from there. Then under the moonlight, place the soaked mandrake leaf in the phial. Add One strand of hair to the phial and one tablespoon of the dew collected. Then, add one Death’s-head Hawk Moth chrysalis to the phial and place the mixture in a dark, undisturbed place until the next lightning storm. Execute the procedure correctly and your potion will be ready.

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