RETOLD TALE:There are many weapons in Destiny 2, with the ever-evolving meta shotguns retaining their place at the top. The Undying Hand Cannon’s season was pretty strong, but I guess that’s forever. As we know, the game has a need to stay fresh, and due to meta being dominated by hand cannons , it was very necessary.

And their is also Retold Tale and Mindbenders Ambition with Rock Blues, Not Forgotten, Ace of Spades which is also very actively liked by the players.

Destiny 2


Retold Tale is a precious shotgun, exclusive available only in the Dreaming city. It is exclusive 65 RPM shotgun . One of the best in the game, I would rank it higher after Mindbender’s Ambition which is at the top of the best PvP shotguns. If any player wanted to obtain the Retold Tale then he/she must have to go the Dreaming City and have to complete the activities of Dreaming City.

How to farm Retold Tale


Here are tips to get this shotgun in exclusive dreaming city,

  • Blind Well Rewards
  • Petra Venj Rewards
  • Rising Challenge Chest
  • Cat Statues (Small Gift)
  • Daily Challenges


As their is  involvement of RNG in this, we can’t have the proper chances  or things are not guarenteed . So you must have to try every week.

Could we get retold tale drop from menagerie?

No, you can’t get in from the menagrie . Again, there are some more weapons that you can get from the menagerie.


Could we get it from raids?

No, it cannot be get through the raids.

It only drops from the things that I already mentioned in the article, above!


Can we say Retold Tale a good pvp shotgun?

Yes, you can say that the this is a god-tier pvp shotgun.

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