Man of the House is an erotic and adult role playing game. Your character is a young guy who lives in the city with other women. The game is packed with hot girls, sex scenes, funny dialogues and unexpected plot twists.


You are a young man who lives in the city with other young and beautiful women. Each girl present in the game has her own unique personality and quirks. You can choose which girl you want to spend your time with. There’s about hundred unique scenes and the game takes about 30 hours to complete. Various mini-games are available, for which you can get various bonuses to increase the total score.

Man of the house cheat codes

Cheats, tips and tricks given below.

Play the introduction Day – MC learns the first achievements
(Learning the Ropes) (+5 Mom Love)
Buy everything, achievements (fully upgraded)
Step 2 (Maximizing Intellect and Start Charisma)
10:00 – Health Club (workout) – Amy (talk twice)
10:00 – Go to the Tanning room at the Health Club, tan (limit once per day)
11:00 – Work (pizzeria) until you get (the Milf level 3 – alternative payment)
Anytime – Learn on the computer (online courses)
18:00 – Travel by transit to open the Casino
Step 3 (Maximizing Strength and Charisma)
10:00 – Keep going to the Tanning room, until you max Charisma. (limit once per day)
12:00 – Training (improve strength) 10-20-30-40-50
(Save before and reload if it’s unsuccessful) Walk at night – The thief – run away
12:30 – Health Club – work (requires 30 strength) – Keep working until you get the “Blonde
Level 3” event (this requires 50 strength)
Walk at Night – Find the Guy (buy the taser)
Walk at night – The thief – (use taser)
Pam (pizzeria)
11:00 > 00.59 PM
Megan (Coffee Shop)
08:00 – Talk with Meghan about (Police Station) go talk with Veronica – 11:00 – Megan talk with MC with Veronica’s help – achievement (getting acquainted)
Valerie (Neon Club Owner)
00:00 – 05:00 – Neon Club behind the bar
Gemini night
The twins will record the new album in the City
-=Other events
Dream (0.8.5)
While sleeping, you can have a strange dream.
Christmas Special
Check on Veronica -> Scold
Check on Ashley -> It’s alright, I guess
Check on Mom/Claire
Check on Veronica -> That depends
Ashley’s Drink -> Red Wine – > Read Message
Veronica’s Drink -> Manhattan
Mom’s/Claire’s Drink -> Irish Coffee

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