Fallout 76 is a change of the pace for the series, but you will still explore the wasteland by taking on various quests like in previous games. This guide will help you to get to know much about the Gauley Mine Code.

Gauley Mine : Location

Gauley Mine Code

The Gauley Mine is a location in the forest region of Appalachia in the year 2102. It is located in the  southeast of the Landview Lighthouse. Inside of this there is the door in which you will get the Gauley Mine Code of the Fallout 76.

What is the Keycode?Gauley Mine Code

To find the key code you have to do some searching. It’s a little further down the mine on a shelf in one of the locker banks. But if you can’t find it and just want to know what the key code is, the number is 071990.

How to Open the Gauley Mine Key Code Lock?

Gauley MIne Code

Opening the door to the Gauley mine requires a 6-digit code, which you must enter on the keypad next to the dungeon door. However, the code isn’t immediately visible as it’s pinned to a bulletin board that’s hard to find. However, it is not that difficult and you can find it with the help of our guide.

What is inside the Gauley Mine?

Gauley MIne Code

There’s also a Raider chestpiece with some explosives. As part of the new Wastelanders update, there is a new locked door system with ID card.However, you cannot access it now. To access it, you must play the Wayward Bar quest.

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