Farmville 2: Country escape is the second instalment in the Farmville series. The game is optimized for mobile devices. It allows you to play online, offline, with friends, or all alone. Some features are not available while offline or when playing alone.

Farmville 2 Cheat codes and more

About Farmville 2

Farmville 2 was released on 14 april 2014. The game was made for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Fire OS. As of now, the game has a 4.3 out of 5 on Google play and a 4.6 out of 5 on Apple store. Farmville 2 has been published and developed by Zynga. In this game you can escape to the countryside where your personal farm awaits. Clear land to grow crops and trees, and nurture adorable animals. You can gather rare ingredients to make classic recipes and sturdy crafts at quaint workshops.

Farmville 2 Cheat codes and more

Farmville 2 Tips and Tricks

  1. Don’t use your Keys to finish tasks.
  2. Make more money selling your crops at the Farm Stand.
  3. Make sure you collect daily spins.
  4. Use Keys to upgrade your barn before anything else.
  5. Visit your friends’ farms to earn coins and bonuses.
  6. Login through Facebook to get 25 more coins.

Farmville 2 Cheat Codes

If you have little patience and you like cheating as a guilty pleasure like me, here are some cheat codes that can help you have an extra easy experience at Farmville.

The Farmville 2 Cheat codes are as follows:

  • Hen house harvest– Scan this given number 86400 and change it to: 1.
  • Fortune Fields Expansion– Scan: e_deco_animated_windchime_sun (Wind Chime), Change To: e_token_fortunefields_expn_sp
  • Harvest water well– Scan: 14400, Change To: 1
  • Multi pack- Scan- e_deco_axeinstump_generic (Chopping Block), Change To: e_resource_pack_multi_100


Once you start on your farm in farmville, you can also customize your personal avatar. This avatar can be changed at any time. You start with an empty farm and the first fixed number of characters on the farm, which is the main currency of the game. You will earn XP (experience points) by performing certain actions in the game, such as plowing the land or buying items. For some XP benchmarks, your level will increase.

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