Avorion is a action Multi-player game developed by Boxelware. Released on 27 January 2017, the game was made for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Classic Mac OS.

Avorion gameplay and cheat codes!

Avorion Gameplay

Avorion is a co-op multiplayer game filled with action and adventure. You can team up with your friends to build stations together and destroy pirates and enemy factions. Everybody needs a copilot, and you can fly ships together with your team mate. One of you doing the steering and the other one taking care of firing weapons. You’re also free to play however you want. You can play as a mercenary, freighter captain, admiral, scavenger or pirate, it’s all up to you.

Avorion gameplay and cheat codes!

Avorion Cheat Codes

Below are the list of Avorion Cheat Codes 2022 you must try them all:-

Console commands

  • /help: shows help message
  • /w PlayerName: Private message to PlayerName
  • /save: saves the current sate
  • /stop: stops the server
  • /seed: seed of the server
  • /version: Current server version
  • /suicide: destroys the current ship
  • /player: number of players
  • /status: Server’s current status info
  • /admin -a PlayerName: Makes PlayerName admin
  • /admin -r PlayerName: Removes PlayerName as admin
  • /kick PlayerName: Kicks PlayerName
  • /ban PlayerName: Bans PlayerName
  • /unban PlayerName: Unbans PlayerName
  • /banip PlayerIP: Bans PlayerName
  • /unbanip PlayerIP: Unbans PlayerName
  • /blacklist: blacklist options
  • /whitelist: whitelist options

Admin Commands

  • /max-logs [value]: Max Logs value
  • /difficulty [value]: Values from -3 to 3 (default = 0)
  • /collision-damage [value] Value = 1 is full damage, but 0 is no damage
  • /port [value]: Default value = 27000
  • /exit-on-last-admin-logout: shut down when last administrator logs out
  • /public [value]: the server will allow or not other players to join
  • /infinite-resources [value]: for all players
  • /listed [value]the server will show up or not on public server lists
  • /max-players [value]: Default = 10
  • /save-interval [value]: timestep between savings (Default: 300)
  • /same-start-sector arg: all players will start in the same sector or not
  • /server-name [value]: server name
  • /use-steam-networking [value]: use steam networking and authentication for users
  • /galaxy-name [value]: galaxy name, appended to datapath, final path will be [datapath]/[galaxyname]
  • /datapath [value]: the galaxies’ folder
  • /admin [value]: steam ids of the admins
  • /threads [value]: Number of threads to update the sectors
  • /t [ –trace ] [value]: tracing options. Values are: network, scripting, threading, io, database, input, error, warning, exception, user, game, system, debug, sound, gl, and also all
  • /stderr-to-log: redirect std error output from console to log file
  • /stdout-to-log: redirect std console output from console to log file.

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