An actress by profession, Vanessa Villanueva, is the resident of United States Of America. She was born in Texas in 1987. Rather, she is more to be known as Chris Perez’s wife.

Vanessa Villanueva

Firstly, her husband gained fame from his band. He was a guitarist and rather got renowned because of his music career. On 26th of October this high school couple tied their knot. She possessed two children namely, Cassie and Noah.

Vanessa Villanueva :

Secondly, she realised Chris being a drunkard and parted out her ways from him. This 34 years old lady is now enjoying her life as a single mother with her two children.

Lastly, she is an astonishing lady with beautiful brown eyes and her height of about 5 feet 8 inches. She manages handles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Generally, she keeps her life secretive and maintains high profile privacy.

Chris Pérez :

Christopher Gilbert Pérez  or Chris Perez is an American Guitarist, author and song writer. He was born on August 14,1969 in Texas, United States Of America.

Vanessa Villanueva :

He is a respected Tejano musician and famous for his instrumental skills too. His first album was launched at the Hollywood Records, Resurrection. He won the Grammy Award for the Best  Latin Rock Alternative Album.

He wrote a book for his first wife Selena titled, “To Selena ~ With Love .” Selena was his first wife before Vanessa. However, after a relationship of 3 years they soon got married. Selena’s ex-manager and friend allegedly shot dead her. Lately, this hampered Chris a lot and he went mad for drugs and alcohol.

Facts About Chris Perez’s Ex-Wife :

  • Vanessa has now moved on and married to Henry Soliz.
  • She is currently leaving in Portland with her two children.
  •  Cassie is Medical Aesthetician and Noah is a growing gentlemen.
  • Venessa keeps almost of her life private and least interfered.
  • She has a squashing net worth of around $10 million.

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